Well, I’m not exactly a football expert, but I’d say letting your opponent score seven consecutive touchdowns to begin a football game isn’t exactly a winning strategy. In fact, it seems like a pretty poor strategy, if you ask me.

Mike Gundy and his stupid fucking mullet walked into Heinz Field today with his high powered offense and beat the bajesus out of Pitt. Mason Rudolph threw for five touchdowns and nearly 500 yards (all in the first half) while four Cowboys receivers had over 100 yards receiving (something that hasn’t happened in the NCAA Division I FBS in 12 years). Absolute monster numbers all across the board for the Cowboys.

And so that brings me to the next subject. I absolutely hate to do this so soon, but in my heart I feel it’s the right thing to do.

I, Peep, herby declare the 2017 Pittsburgh Panthers dead.

Not even a month into the season, and it’s all over, folks. Just like that.

But where the are negatives (and clearly there are many with this program), we must look for positives. Without Pitt getting the absolute shit kicked out them today, this wouldn’t have happened.

It’s great to see the old guy from Jurassic Park still kicking. Guy just doesn’t age.