CBS Pittsburgh – The University of Pittsburgh is hoping to employ the feel-good mojo generated by Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” strategically at key points of its football games.

Pitt has used the song to encourage a fan singalong between the third and fourth quarters in recent years.

But in a news release Friday, the school says after feedback from players, coaches, and fans, “The song will now be played at different points in the game.”

The song will be played “targeting specific moments in an effort to capitalize on its unifying effect and preserve the tradition of playing it at Heinz Field.”

The 1969 hit is known for its chorus, during which fans shout “Let’s Go Pitt” during a three-beat interval after the title refrain.

It’s commonly used by pro and college sports teams.


Wait a second. Hold my avocado.


Hear me out a second. I’m a Pitt guy through and through. I’ve been a fan of Pitt football since I was a little kid, and I even went to school there. 

But I can’t defend them on this. 

Teams that play “Sweet Caroline” during sporting events are the absolute WORST. And the crazy part is there are like a million teams that do it. It’s the most basic bitch, unoriginal song in the history of sports “traditions.”

So instead of doing the right thing and burying this fake ass “tradition” once and for all, Pitt’s now going to start playing it at different points in the game instead of after the 3rd quarter. Like in the second quarter when they’re down three touchdowns to Oklahoma State! Sounds like a great way to really rile up the crowd before the entire student section makes its way to the exits in just enough time to maintain their buzz. Good times never seemed so good, indeed!