This tweet pretty much sums up Rich Hill’s night.

Through nine innings of baseball, Rich Hill threw 95 pitches, recorded 10 strikeouts, and didn’t allow a single hit. Just an absolute work of art by the 37-year old south paw who, only two years ago, was pitching for the Long Island Ducks of the Atlantic League.

The only problem? The rest of his team couldn’t buy a fucking run to save their lives. After going perfect through eights innings, Dodgers third baseman botched a ground ball off the bat of Jordy Mercer to open up the bottom of the ninth. At that point, you could just feel it going downhill. It was inevitable. No matter how well Rich Hill was going to pitch, you just knew he was going to get screwed.

So instead of Dodgers manager Dave Roberts giving Hill a slap on the ass and calling it a night after the 9th, he gave him the ball back in the bottom of the 10th. Then, this happened.

From going from being the 24th player in MLB history to record a perfect game, to pitching nine innings of no-hit baseball, to taking an L in a matter of 11 pitches. Can’t even imagine what’s going on this Rich Hill’s brain right now.

If I’m being totally honest, part of me feels bad for him while the other part of me enjoys watching the world burn. This has to be like the equivalent of getting the hottest chick you’ve ever met in your entire life in bed with you then not being able to get it up come game time. I guess all you can really do is just laugh.

But hey, at least Rich Hill was a part of history tonight. There’s always that.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for Logan Forsythe. Well…