TribLIVE – Steelers star running back Le’Veon Bell hinted that he’ll be returning to the team soon.

Bell posted “9-1-17” on Twitter on Tuesday in response to a fan’s post asking when he was going to join the team again. Bell has not been to training camp or preseason games in protest of his franchise-tag tender, which locks him in a one-year contract worth $12.12 million. Bell and the team have not come to terms on a long-term contract and Bell has not signed the franchise tender.

So why September 1st, you ask?


Just like I mentioned in my blog last week, you have to be a real miserable asshole if you’re pissed off about Le’Veon Bell skipping the entire preseason. Let’s face it, preseason football stinks. It’s hot, it goes on for way too long, and guys are getting injured left and right. Definitely not worth the risk if you’re a superstar talent trying to land a big payday.

So maybe he thinks he’s worth something LOL funny to the tune of $15 million/year. Here’s the thing, though. We all know there’s no way in hell any running back will ever rake in that kind of Antonio Brown-type dough. But you know what? Le’Veon Bell has that type of pull. You can’t make an example out of sitting a guy that averages 130 yards from scrimmage just because he doesn’t want to show up for the freaking preseason. Besides, week 1 will be the Steelers fifth preseason game anyways.


Bell will get his “reps” in, the Steelers will win by 28, and everyone will forget that this whole fiasco even happened. Then, before you know it, we’ll all be blowing him again for how patient he is approaching the line of scrimmage.