Entertainment Weekly – Even President Donald Trump couldn’t help but look to the sky on Monday to view the first total solar eclipse since 1979.

Stepping out on a balcony at the White House with his wife, Melania, and son Barron, Trump initially tried to look at the eclipse without protective lenses. In a live video posted to the official White House YouTube channel, an aide can be heard yelling, “Don’t look.” After a brief pause, the president then pulled out his glasses.

Is this not the most Donald Trump thing ever? Before today, if you would’ve asked me whether or not I thought Trump was going to look at the sun during the solar eclipse with or without special glasses, I would’ve said there’s a 1,000% chance he stares that motherfucker dead in the eye without ’em. Like with some people, you just know they think they’re tougher than the sun. Trump’s one of them.

So there’s a chance of developing a little retina damage if you don’t wear glasses that make you look like a gigantic nerd watching a 3D movie in the 90s.

Trump Eclipse

Psshhh. Fuck it.

Trump Eclipse

Donnie ain’t scared of your little eclipse. Just an absolute alpha move by the most powerful human being on planet earth. 

P.S. – I’m actually a little surprised he didn’t engage in a staring contest like this kid did.