From undergoing Tommy John Surgery in 2014, to taking a 105 mph line drive off of the back of the head last season, to being diagnosed with testicular cancer just this past spring, it’s fair to say Jameson Taillon has experienced his fair share of adversity throughout the past few years. It’s been less ups and more downs for the former number two overall draft pick in 2010. However, in the midst of it all, Taillon’s handled everything remarkably well for being only 25-years old.

Last night was another example of Taillon’s resilient mentality. After failing to complete the sixth inning for the sixth time in his past eight starts, one particular Pirate fan seemed to get pretty upset by it all. So upset, in fact, he threatened to remove Taillon’s lone testicle if he continues to exhibit a lack of pitching endurance.

Now, if it were up to me, I’d find it perfectally acceptable if Taillon were to track down this dickhead and beat the ever living shit out of him. But the fact of the matter is, Taillon’s obviously a lot more mature than I’ll ever be. So instead of getting even with this scumbag, he elected to take the high road. If you can’t respect the hell out of Jamo for that kind of restraint, you’re probably just another scumbag troll like this Joe guy.

P.S. – Joe ended up getting so triggered by the reply comments he deleted his twitter account. Sad!

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