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NY Daily News – See you later, suckers.

Alabama mom Jena Willingham became a viral sensation over night after sharing a photo of her kid’s back-to-school send off.

In the picture, posted to her Facebook page, Willingham can be seen lounging on a pool float with a drink in-hand. Her children are standing nearby donning backpacks and understandably glum expressions.

The mother of three told the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer having an empty house for the first time in years inspired her fun photo shoot, which took place Sunday afternoon.

“This is the first time in 11 years that I have not had a kid at home and that’s one of the reasons I did it,” she said.

Willingham’s kids, who are in pre-K, second and sixth grade respectively, all attend Beulah Elementary School.

As for what this mom’s doing with her newfound free time, Willingham told the newspaper she’s been busy babysitting.

“I haven’t even been in the pool,” she said. “I have been babysitting for my niece.”

Alright, so a few things here:

I’m pretty sure I hate this lady. I can remember that back-to-school feeling like it was yesterday. Arguably one of the top three WORST feelings in the world when as a kid. Others being that time your dog got taken to the pound when your were like five because he wouldn’t stop biting the shit out of people, and that time in first grade when you pissed your pants in front of everyone in the high school auditorium (oh wait, maybe that was just me). Going back to school, though. Fucking horrible. Till this day, I still associate things that happen late in August with that god awful back-to-school feeling – the end of the Little League World Series, the sound of Katydids at night time, the sun starting to go down before 8:00 pm. All equally horrible reminders that summer was coming to an end, and 180 days of hell were on the way.

You see, I absolutely HATED school when I was kid. And I’m fairly certain I’m not in the minority here. Algebra, social studies, english – it was all equally horrible.


So for a parent to openly taunt her kids on Facebook with this kind of photo is fucking ruthless. Just a terrible mother, in my honest opinion. No other way to put it. I can still vividly remember my mom and dad laughing at me and my sisters when we were kids on that last dreaded Sunday of summer vacation. Never in a million years would they have put a picture like this up on the Book (had it been around), though. If I was one of these kids I probably would’ve done a cannonball right on top of her and fucked her day up (actually I wouldn’t have because I’m a pussy).

And finally, this goes for all back-to-school photo in general. KEEP THEM OFF OF FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM ALTOGETHER, YOU ASSHOLE PARENTS. Nobody, and I mean nobody, gives a shit about your son Cooper or your daughter Skylar going to 4th grade. This disgusting trend needs to end immediately. And if you decide to taunt your kids like this asshole, then well, I really have a problem with you.