There are a few things in life that will continue to make me giggle like a school child no matter how much older I get: watching people flip over their handlebars on a bicycle, that initial 30 seconds of walking into a strip club where you feel like a complete perv, and watching animals take shits in places they’re not supposed to be taking shits.

Sticking with that last talking point, I can’t explain to you how much joy a sight like this brings to my day. Maybe that makes me a pathetic, immature loser, but so be it. Just knowing a dog took a big old shit directly on the turf at Heinz and then some poor grounds crew employee had to walk out onto the field with a shovel in front of thousands of people to pick up a hot, steamy turd is LOL funny to me. I could be having the worst day ever and something like this can alter my mood for the better in a heartbeat. It’s the absolute best.

And for those of you not familiar with Bill Camp’s Famous Flying Dogs at Steelers preseason games, you’re missing out big time. Believe me, preseason football games are the absolute worst. But whenever Bill Camp busts out the frisbees at Heinz Field, it’s well worth the price of admission to catch a few downs of piss poor football knowing you’ll at least get see some dogs do some pretty cool tricks come halftime.

Who knows? You might even get to see one of the dogs drop a deuce on the field, too!