I have to admit, I sort of underestimated the impact Sean Rodriguez would have on this team in my blog earlier today. The guy literally had 72 hours to report to Pittsburgh, but chose to fly straight here from Atlanta almost immediately after being traded yesterday and arrived at PNC Park only just a few short hours before today’s game. That only speaks volumes as to how excited Sean Rod was to dawn the black and gold again. So excited, in fact, that he didn’t even have time to scoop up a pair of his own cleats for today’s game. 

So what kind of impact was Sean Rod going to have in his first game back in the 412? In the bottom of the 12th and the score tied at 4 a piece, Serpico took a meatball right down broadway from Padres reliever Buddy Baumann and sent that shit straight to the cheap seats in left for a walk off bomb.

Can’t even make this stuff up. Never have I ever seen a guy more rejuvenated to play with a mediocre baseball team in my entire life. I can’t hate it, though. Maybe this is the spark the Pirates needed. I’d say that’s more or less unlikely, but goddamn if this isn’t an awesome moment to be a Buccos fan for at least the next 24 hours or so. #JesusIsBack, folks.