NY Daily News – A New York man was arrested for breaking into a home and trying to shower with a female resident, before heading to the kitchen to do the dishes.

Police in New Jersey received a call Wednesday morning about a burglary in progress at a Hackensack home.

Sheena Diaz, who was home at the time of the bizarre incident with her sister and baby nephew, told authorities she was in the shower when someone walked into the bathroom.

Sheena thought it was her sister, Mikah Diaz, but when she peeked around the curtain she saw a man disrobing and trying to get in the shower with her.

She said she ran from the bathroom and locked herself in a bedroom where Mikah and their 1-year-old nephew were playing.

“She was panicking. She was crying,” Mikah told NBC 4.

Sheena then called police to report the crime. 

Authorities said the intruder, identified as James King of Queens, didn’t leave the house after Sheena bolted from the bathroom.

He, instead, made his way to the kitchen and started washing dirty dishes left in the sink.

When authorities arrived, a naked King was standing in the kitchen and allegedly told officers he was the family’s caretaker. The girls said they had never seen him before.

King was led from the home in handcuffs — and clothes — and charged with burglary and lewdness.

The girls said King never stole anything from the home, and they believe he climbed through a window because all the doors to the home were locked.

Yeah, so this guy broke into a house with a clear motive to do some extracurricular activities with a naked woman in the shower. That’s not a very smart move, in my honest opinion – especially if that woman a. doesn’t know who you are, or b. doesn’t know you that way. But I’ll tell you what is a smart move. Acting like you’re an innocent bystander the moment the cops show up to the house because you’re cleaning some dirty ass dishes in the sink. Nothing to see here! There’s no way a cop would ever know you were doing anything wrong, right? Sure, this guy could’ve been a little smarter and at least covered up his dick and balls like any normal person would when they’re cleaning dishes (not to mention the fact that three other people were locked inside another room hiding from this guy as he was getting his Martha Stewart on). But I can’t knock the effort! Other guys in this situation would’ve probably just packed it up and ran the moment they knew the cops were on the way. Not James, though. James is one sly motherfucker!