Fox News – A mother of two was whisked from the roadway Wednesday afternoon when her car got tangled up in a power line and dangled on its rear bumper for nearly an hour.

Lisa Beaulieu and her two young children, ages 4 and 5, were driving to their Connecticut home Wednesday afternoon when the storm hit, bringing down debris and trees in its wake.

She told Fox61 that when they reached Mountain Road in Suffield, she saw some debris falling from a tree up ahead, which caused a telephone pole to snap toward its top.

“At that point, we were pretty much right underneath it,” she said, adding that she didn’t know at the time the cable was still attached to the pole.

The cable somehow got lodged underneath Beaulieu’s car and lifted it into the air.

“I never anticipated it would get that bad,” she said.

Beaulieu called 911 and stayed with the dispatcher until emergency crews arrived. The Suffield Fire Department later shared photos of the incident on Facebook.

After determining the cable was not live, first responders were able to open the car doors and take the children to safety. A ladder was brought in to help Beaulieu out the side.

“The dispatcher was amazing, the firefighters, everybody that approached us and helped us out made my kids feel very safe,” she said. “The EMS team that took us out of the scene were so, so good with my kids. They just made us feel so calm and safe, and so that made the situation better.”

Have you ever looked at a picture for a long period of time and had absolutely no idea what the hell you were even looking at? I’m sure you have. We all have at some point in our lives.

Well, let me tell you what. My brain is in an absolute pretzel after staring at these photos. I feel like I’m looking at a shark dangling from a rope like the ones you see after someone catches a Great White and takes a picture of it to show everyone how massive it is. Only this time it’s a goddamn Nissan Altima dangling from a power line on a residential road. That’s some serious Final Destination shit, indeed. Like how does that even happen? Maybe it’s just me, but my brain still can’t comprehend it even after the explanation of how it all went down. So a telephone pole just snapped in half and the lady drove over it so she ended up the entire way into the power lines? I’m not buying it, folks. That’s some sneaky witchcraft shit, if you ask me. I’ve never been one to buy into this Apocalypse stuff, but I may have very well changed my mind after looking at these photos. If this isn’t a sign that the world is ending, I don’t know what is.