Cincinnati Enquirer – Coaches may call pushing and shoving a standard part of training camp, but they aren’t usually talking about a player pushing a coach. For that reason, Tuesday’s Bengals practice looked very different from any thus far.

And Vontaze Burfict found himself in the middle of it.

On a running play during a non-tackling (thud) portion of practice, Giovani Bernard took a handoff into the hole and Burfict came plowing through, hit Bernard in the legs and went down toward the knee in which he tore his ACL just eight months prior.

After the hit, running backs coach Kyle Caskey walked toward Burfict to confront him about going at Bernard’s legs and Burfict pushed the assistant coach away. From that point, all sides of the team converged into pushing and shoving that lasted about a minute.

As the drill continued later, Tyler Eifert could be seen having an animated conversation with Burfict.

“We are wasting time pushing and shoving,” Marvin Lewis said. “Let’s go back to the huddle, go to the next play and do it right.”

I gotta be honest, this kind of shit from the Bengals doesn’t even surprise me any more. It’s LOL funny to me that a guy like Marvin Lewis is still even employed at this point. The guy who tells the media his team needs to quit “wasting time pushing and shoving” so they can get on to the next play and whines about Roger Goodell relaxing his stance on touchdown celebrations is the same guy who’s responsible for coaching the likes of Vontaze Burfict, Pacman Jones, and Joe Mixon. Not to mention the fact his team hasn’t won a single playoff game in his 14 years as head coach. Now I don’t fancy myself as a true football guy (I’m just a dipshit blogger who happens to hate his full-time job), but it a doesn’t take a person with a genius football IQ to realize something isn’t right in Cincinnati when the Bengals are losing every year and they’re making more headlines for dirty hits, suspensions, and other off the field antics.

Now as far as this hit from Vontaze Burfict is concerned, I mean, how fucking stupid can this guy be? It’s not even week two into training camp, and he’s already taking shots at his running back’s knee that’s just returning from ACL surgery. ACL SURGERY, FOR CHRISSAKES! I tore my ACL once, and I wasn’t right for like a year and a half. Now granted, like I mentioned before, I’m just a dipshit blogger. But then again, I’m not some sort of couch potato, either. I crossfit, goddamnit. So I basically bust my balls like I’m a pretend professional athlete 4-5 days/week except for the fact that I’m 5’10”, 175 lbs soaking wet, and I probably have the athletic talent of division 3 women’s basketball player. If someone took a shot at my knee when I just returning back to anything athletic post ACL surgery, I probably would’ve bought a gun (something I’m too big of a pussy to do in the first place) and shot that motherfucker right between the eye balls. I can’t stress enough how bad the recovery from ACL surgery sucks if you’ve never gone through a major orthopedic injury like that. It’s basically hours every single day doing the same stupid exercises for months until you learn how to walk again and do all the same shit you used to be able to do prior to surgery. It’s fucking AWFUL. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy (okay, maybe I would). So for this fuck hole to do this day 1 to Gio Bernard’s newly reconstructed knee is probably the most disrespectful thing you can do to a fellow athlete, whether he happens to be on the same team or not. The man’s already fighting for a job now with the addition of Joe Mixon (who once punched a woman in the face, you know). But to be that careless and potentially ruin a guy’s career because you’re a giant asshole with no regard for anyone else’s safety is mind-blowing. This guy needs kicked out of the league immediately.

P.S. – You know you’re a giant piece of shit whenever someone searches your name on YouTube and these are the videos that pop on the first page:

P.P.S. – Over/Under 24 hours until ESPN takes the tweet of this incident out of their article considering the fact you can hear the Bengals running back coach scream out an audible “fucking” in the video?