Brewers catcher Stephen Vogt found himself looking up in the sky Monday night after what appeared was going to be a routine play at the plate. With the game tied at two a piece in the bottom of the 5th, Pirates pitcher Chad Kuhl attempted to score from second base as a result of a Francisco Cervelli single to right. Upon Kuhl’s slide into home plate, his left elbow inadvertently caught Vogt directly in the head resulting in a rather ugly collision.

As you can see, it’s pretty fucked up. And to add insult to injury, the Brewers have announced that Vogt is being a evaluated for both a neck strain AND left knee strain.

Unfortunately for the Brewers, though, it appears as if Vogt didn’t give Kuhl much room for a clear attempt at the plate. Most impressively, however, Vogt hung on to the ball and recorded the out.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 10.20.05 PM.png

The Buccos would eventually go on to beat the Brewers 4-2 in the first game of the four-game series, and they now find themselves six games back from 1st-place.