Look, I literally don’t know shit about boxing or MMA. And quite frankly, I don’t care. But after today, I might very well be the biggest Conor McGregor fan in the country. Sign me up. I’m all in for Team Conor now. You don’t just show up to a press conference with “Fuck You” pinstripes all over your $3,000 suit and expect me not to become your biggest fan. Shit, this might even make me an MMA guy now. Before you know it, I’ll be rocking Tapout gear from head to toe (if that’s still a thing). 

And the confidence of this guy. Goddamn. 

P.S. – Like I said, I’m not a big fight guy, but I’d like to point out the fact that my all-time career fighting record is 1-0. That’s right, I’m batting 1,000, ladies and gents. I may or may not have knocked out my college roommate with one right hook after he decided to kick me in the balls as hard as he could.