So unless you’ve been living under a gigantic fucking rock over this past weekend, you’ve probably heard that the most beloved Amish man in Pittsburgh has decided to take his talents down to Broadway to play for the Nashville Predators (Sad!). All joking aside, we all knew this was inevitable. You don’t just contribute 25 points in 45 playoff games, play two periods on a broken shin, and help your team win two consecutive Cups for nothing. With that kind of postseason resume, teams were coming out of the woodwork to throw big money at Bonino. The only problem was, Pittsburgh wasn’t one of those teams. And for good reason, they would’ve boned their cap space like the Caps just did by re-signing T.J. Oshie for 37 years.

So Bonino did what any other intelligent professional athlete would do in his shoes – he signed for more money, for a longer a term, and for a winning team that needed help at his position. Well, that team just so happened to be the team the Penguins recently defeated in the Stanley Cup Final less than a month ago. The Nashville Predators.

If I’m being totally honest, it’s kind of a strange move considering the recency bias. But still. I get it. As a business move, it’s smart. As a career move, it’s smart. It just stinks it’s the Preds. Then again, the Penguins only face them twice a year. So it’s not like we’ll have to witness Bonino bury a dagger past Matt Murray more than only a couple times per year unless these two teams meet in the Stanley Cup Final again (which is unlikely).

Seeing a fan favorite like Bonino leave town stinks, but I consider myself to be a rational sports fan in this type of situation. I’m the kind of guy that looks at the positives. Bonino played a large role in helping the Pens win back-to-back Stanley Cups (which is sort of a rare thing). You can’t discredit that. So go on and get your bad self paid, Nicholas. You deserve it.

Other fans, though. Well, let’s just say some weren’t so rational about this move. Including this guy (credit to @timmshady):

R.I.P. in peace, Dylan Flaherty.

For the record, I want to point out the obvious. I blogged about Bonino’s usage of “Pitt” the other day before he murdered this guy. That still doesn’t mean I’m the type of fuckboy that gets all butthurt over one of my favorite players leaving town and chirps said player while rocking a twitter avatar of myself wearing a suit jacket with thumb holes, though. Gotta know your weaknesses before you run your mouth on the twitterverse, Dylan.

P.S. – Explain this tweet to us, Nicholas: