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Another 7-0 SKUNK of @spoonjones56 @goldenb0y21

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This is starting to get redundant now, isn’t it? James Harrison just casually reminding the world yet again that A. he’s strong as fuck, and B. he doesn’t age like the rest of us. Let me tell you something – each and every time I watch one of Deebo’s Instagram videos it goes something like this: First, I’m blown away by how goddamn strong the man is. Then, I inevitably feel horrible about myself. Why can’t I be this strong? Why do I have to have such shitty genetics? If I’m being totally honest, it’s kind of similar to when I see a very good looking guy (I’m not gay, by the way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.). Initially, I’m in awe of the beauty, but then about 5 seconds later I feel like the goddamn elephant man. Maybe this just means I’m a jealous fuck that can’t appreciate other people’s good qualities. Excuse me while I go kill myself.

P.S. – I guess it was too hot for a sweatsuit. Sad!