Gotta be honest, I feel bad for Flower. The only reason he’s a Golden Knight right now is because he suffered a concussion in early April 2016, which ultimately cost him his job as starting goaltender in Pittsburgh (we all know the story so I’m not gonna go down that rat hole). I mean, yeah Matt Murray is 23 years old. Yeah, he’s played fucking amazing and won two Stanley Cups in his “rookie” year. Yeah, his contract is significantly cheaper. But it has to suck right now to be Marc Andre Fleury.

On second thought, this doesn’t suck:

CaptureNeither does this:


Or this:

I guess what I’m trying to say here is Marc Andre Fleury made out pretty, pretty well in his 14 years in Pittsburgh. He’s made a fuckton of cash, married a beautiful woman, had two kids, raised the Stanley Cup three times, played with superstar talent, made the playoffs 11 times in a row, and captivated an entire fanbase in the process. There aren’t many athletes in professional sports that can say they’ve spent as much time and experienced as much success playing in front of one city like Marc Andre Fleury has. And while he has plenty to be grateful for, it probably also sucks to move from a “Hockey Town” (a term that both stinks and is also up for debate among non-Penguins fans) to the desert to play on a team that’s destined to suck dick for the next few years. On top of that, he’s gotta leave all his friends behind, drag his family 3,000 miles across the country, and put the kids in new schools and shit. So I can definitely also see why Fleury isn’t exactly THRILLED to be a Golden Knight (judging by his fake ass smile last night, of course).

I’m sure Fleury is going to be just fine in Sin City, though. His teammates, on the other hand, might need a little time grieve.

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sad day (((

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