We all knew this was basically a done deal, but now we have the evidence to suggest Marc Andre Fleury’s career in Pittsburgh will officially be over tonight (via TSN):

Pittsburgh Penguins: McKenzie reports the Penguins are believed to be sending a draft pick to the Golden Knights to ensure Marc-Andre Fleury is selected in the expansion draft. Fleury waived his no-move clause for the draft and is under contract for two more seasons at $5.75 million. The Penguins will move forward with two-time Stanley Cup winner Matt Murray at goaltender. Murray owns a $3.75 million cap hit through 2019-20.

TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun reports the deal between the Penguins and Golden Knights was believed to have made long before this week, as the Penguins didn’t want the Golden Knights to pass over Fleury (and his $5.75M cap hit) with so options at goaltender in the draft.

Some idiots out there will run by the “I’ll believe it when I see it!” mentality. Well, this is what I have to say for all you morons that apply to this category:

  1. Bob McKenzie and Pierre LeBrun are NEVER wrong about this type of stuff. Not sure how all these TSN NHL insiders get all the damn scoops first, but they do. And they’re always right. Must be that whole Canadian thing.
  2. Backing up my first point, Bob McKenzie has also informed the twitterverse this morning that MAF will be in Vegas tonight.

Can’t imagine Fleury would be at the NHL Awards show for any other reason besides being a real life model for one of the shittiest jerseys in professional sports.

I’ll cut the away jerseys some slack, but the home jerseys…

download (1)

Five different colors on one jersey is not a good look. And I didn’t even mention the white gloves…