So Antonio Brown happened to be in New York City yesterday, and believe it or not, he Snapchatted his dick off. In between taking videos of his workouts and meals (per usual), AB also made time to meet with everyone’s least favorite commissioner in sports – Roger Goodell!

With the NFL recently watering down its violations on celebrations, AB and his new pal, Roger, took to Snapchat to let the world know how excited they are about what’s in store for this upcoming season!

Now, if that’s not the face of a man that just delivered the most insincere “Let’s do it.” in the history of mankind, then may god strike me dead. The 2017 season hasn’t even started yet, and I’m pretty sure good old Roger is already having night sweats just thinking about the type of shit show celebrations guys like AB are about to pull off in a few short months.

P.S. – This is a LOL funny quote from Goodell last month when he was talking about how he disagreed with Marvin Lewis’s sentiment that relaxing the celebration rules would be bad for the league (via ESPN):

“Well I’ve heard it from Marvin before,” Goodell said at the NFL owners’ meetings in Chicago. “We’ve had these discussions over the last couple of years. And I think the players will prove him wrong on that. I think the players will do this in a way that will be responsible and show good sportsmanship and do it in a way that I think is entertaining but also respectful.”

Entertaining but also respectful. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL