Remember this guy, anyone? The man who helped bring the Buccos back from the depths of hell. The man who used to have a WAR (fancy stat for wins above replacement) that mirrored Mike Trout’s. The man who used to steal bases with ease similar to a young Ricky Henderson (well, maybe that one’s not coming back).

Andrew McCutchen is back, folks. And he’s ripping the tits off of the baseball just like he did in his MVP days. Ever since getting demoted to the six-hole back on May 26th, McCutchen has posted a .378 BA/.453 OBP/.720 SLG, including 7 dongs, 20 RBIs, and 19 runs. In less time than it takes the goddamn moon to orbit around the earth (little nerd fact for you), Cutch has increased his batting average from teetering around the Mendoza line to .260 (or .55 points point to be exact). And on top of that, he’s making baseball fun again!

For example, watch here as he tries to jump over the catcher at home plate:

While this is all fine and dandy, the sad reality here is the fact that Andrew McCutchen is merely increasing his trade value as a result of his play. Just like none of us wanna see Marc Andre Fleury walk out the door, if the Pirates don’t start winning more games, it’s safe to say Andrew McCutchen will be gone, too. That’s just the cruel reality of professional sports.

Depressing talk aside, have yourself a June, Cutch. You deserve it.