So from time to time, it’s not very uncommon to see a professional sports team run a relatively poor social media feed, specifically on twitter. For instance, just this past postseason we witnessed the Ottawa Senators put a big fat fucking foot in their mouth when the Penguins came back to beat them after they started talking shit in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals:

Another good example would be a few years ago in Dallas when we witnessed a little bit of friendly fire as the Cowboys took a swipe at the Stars (and hockey in general).


And now, I believe I’ve identified a new shitty social media culprit – The Vegas Golden Knights. A team that isn’t even an actual team yet. But somehow they’re already annoying the hell out of me and the rest of the twitterverse.

Before I dive deep into some of their tweets over the past few days, I want to point something out. I’m all for having professional sports teams interacting with fans and other teams on twitter, but when you’re trying to troll people from day 1, go fuck yourselves. You need to earn those stripes, Vegas. After all, I hope you assholes have as much of a sense of humor now then you will in six months when your team is getting dusted by the Coyotes on a regular basis.

Without further ado, here are some of their worst tweets over the past few days, imo:

P.S. – This is a perfectly good reply to that last tweet above:

P.P.S. – I hate to admit it, but this was actually a good tweet by the Golden Knights: