This is quite possibly one of the reasons I love Sidney Crosby more than any other athlete on planet earth. I realize this is probably also why many, many other fans despise him, but if you’re being totally honest with yourself, how can you not admire the humbleness of this fucking guy? It’s mind-boggling how someone this successful can be this down to earth. I mean, come on! All the guy wants to know is whether or not his friends are cranking up the tunes in the dressing room as he makes his way to join them with the best drinking device known to man.

And how about the manners on this guy? Sid could’ve literally been like “Get the fuck out of my way, you peasants!” and people would’ve kissed his feet. He’s Sidney Crosby after all, the 3-time Stanley Cup champ. But no. You’d be correct if you heard a couple “excuse me’s” and “Mr.’s” come out of that polite Canadian boy’s mouth before he walked through the dressing room door.

P.S. – Is this not just the most epic champagne shower or what? My god is that beautiful.