So in case you’re unaware of what’s going on, Pitt shooting guard Cameron Johnson declared to transfer back in April. Yesterday, after a month and half decision making process, Johnson officially declared he’d be making his way down to Chapel Hill to join the defending Natty Champs for his final two years of collegiate basketball eligibility. There was one little problem, though. Pitt’s athletic department decided to enforce an ACC conference loophole which entitles an athlete to sit out at least one full year before transferring to another university within the ACC. And inevitably, in classic Pitt fashion, they fell on their face in the process.

Yesterday, Johnson exposed the entire situation in a letter he penned directly to the university:

A few thoughts here:

  • This is an absolute no-brainer of a decision for a kid trying to make it to the next level in the NBA. Would you rather play on a .500 basketball team that barely gets any primetime exposure, or would you take the opportunity to join a team that plays on ESPN basically every other week and has a chance to win another National Championship?
  • The NCAA is the worst. Hopefully one day they’ll quit using their athletes like they’re working in a sweatshop.
  • There’s zero chance this guy graduated Summa Cum Laude. The amount of grammatical errors and run-on sentences in Johnson’s letter was PREPOSTEROUS.
  • Yes, I (a stupid dipshit blogger) really just called out a kid for grammatical errors and run-on sentences.
  • R.I.P. Pitt Basketball.