Gotta be honest. Just like the Pens didn’t feel like showing up in Nashville for the past two games (besides Sidney Crosby, of course), I don’t really feel like showing up do this recap blog. But I’m gonna do it anyways. #NoDaysOff for bloggers. I’m gonna blog my dick off until the end of this Cup run even though I’m stressed tf out from working 45+ hours/week, commuting an hour to/from the office, and running on minimal sleep. Not to mention the fact that I currently have an ant infestation taking over my kitchen floor.

#Pray4Peep, indeed.

Back to the hockey. I think it’s a fair assessment to say Games 3 and 4 STUNK if you call yourself a Pens fan. Unlike Game 3, though, the Penguins had their fair share of scoring chances last night. The only problem was Pekka Rinne decided to be a jerk and play like rounds 1-3 Pekka Rinne and spoil our fun. Asshole. Now we have to head back to the Burgh nodded up at two games a piece with the momentum clearly in favor of Nashville. Lots of Pens fans are ready to do “belly smackers” off of a bridge (we have many to choose from, by the way), but not this guy. This team defies all logic. In my mind, this is the 2016 presidential election on ice, and we happen to be Donnie motherfucking Trump (even if you hate that analogy, sorry). Just when you think there’s absolutely no chance this team is going to win, they do. Whether it’s MAF standing on his head against the Capitals or old balls Chris Kunitz burying a knuckling one-timer past Craig Anderson in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, this team finds a way to win games. Plain and simple. Also, I’d be remiss to not point out the fact that both of these teams dominate on home ice. While the Preds are 9-1 on home ice this postseason, the Pens are 9-3. With a possibility of three games remaining in the series, I think I’d much rather be the team that has two out of three home games (Hint: that team would be the Penguins).

A few final thoughts:

  • Matt Murray will be in net Game 5 no matter how hard the Marc Andre Fleury fanboys whine.
  • Is Kris Letang’s neck better yet?
  • No matter how well Sidney Crosby plays, if the rest of the team doesn’t contribute, they aren’t going to win hockey games.
  • Watching P.K. Subban toy with Conor Sheary as he blatantly wasted time behind his own net in the 3rd period almost gave me a stroke. No idea if Sheary even realized it.
  • This was a bad recap.

P.S. – Fuck our weatherman.

More on this to come.