By now, we’ve all watched the interview with Pierre McGuire, read stupid articles, and listened to our annoying co-workers chime in about the comments P.K. Subban made regarding his confrontation with Sidney Crosby at the end of Game 3 on Saturday night. Here’s the video in case you want to vomit watching this bullshit for the thousandth time:

Pretty sure Sid’s just telling P.K. to go fuck himself here, but no, we’ll go with the bad breath narrative. You know, the one that P.K. stole from Phil Kessel last year during this gem of an interview with Pierre in the Eastern Conference Finals.

See this is why P.K. Subban sucks. He’s both an attention whore and terrible at telling jokes. Maybe if the whole Phil Kessel situation had never occurred, this joke would’ve played. But there’s no chance in hell P.K. came up with this joke by himself. He’s a blatant joke thief, and he knows it. The media is just too stupid to put two and two together here.

Anyways, P.K. can continue running on with this thing as long as he wants, but I think it’s fair to say Sidney Crosby may or may not have put him in a body bag yesterday in the most Sidney Crosby-manner ever.

This is the smirk of a man that’s about to dance on another man’s grave in a few days.