Well, that sucked. This one felt pretty similar to Game 6 in the Washington series and Game 3 in the Ottawa series except for the fact that the Pens actually led the scoreboard for one period of play. And just like after those two games, Pens fans are already beginning to point the finger. “Crosby and Malkin didn’t get a shot on net! First time ever in a playoff game!” Sure, Crosby and Malkin not recording any shots isn’t exactly an ideal strategy for the Penguins chances of winning hockey games. But that sure as hell doesn’t mean that’s the only reason why the Penguins lost this game. Besides, if it wasn’t for Sid, the Penguins probably don’t score their only goal of the game in the 1st period.

Without Crosby finding Ian Cole alone at the top of the point for a one-timer opportunity, Jake Guentzel’s goal isn’t possible here. People are quick to overlook that.

Yep, you heard it here first. Doesn’t matter if 87 is the only man on the ice that’s consistently setting up scoring chances. If 87 doesn’t score goals, the Penguins are doomed.

These people are the absolute WORST. Not too far behind these people are the Marc Andre Fleury fanboys that can’t believe Sullivan didn’t pull Matt Murray last night. What’s Matt Murray’s career postseason record after losing a game, you may ask?


Gotta feeling Matt Murray will be just fine. If there should be any real concerns going forward, it should be about the power play. You can’t go 1-13 on the power play with only four shots on goal in a three game span and expect to win hockey games. You just can’t. And on top of that, if you can’t get the puck into the zone in the first place, shooting pucks isn’t possible.

Pretty sure Mike Sullivan’s head might explode next game if the Penguins continue to look like this on their entry attempts.

So with all that said, contrary to popular belief, the Penguins still lead this series 2-1. People forget that. This team hasn’t played even close to a complete this entire series, yet they’re two wins away from hoisting the Stanley Cup. Sully and company are going to make their adjustments, and the Pens will come out and play a better game Monday night. You can basically guarantee that. This team isn’t the defending Stanley Cup champs for no reason. They continue to find a way to win games even when their fanbase vomits all over themselves on social media.

90% of Pens fans’ takes today.


P.S. – Low-key fact of the day: If the Penguins win the next two games they’ll be celebrating with Lord Stanley on home ice for the first time in franchise history. Zero chance the Pens fail to win it at home again this year if they win Game 4 tomorrow night.