Let me start off with a caveat: I thought Kathy Griffin sucked as a comedian even before this whole fake beheading scandal came out a few days ago. What Kathy Griffin did in the Trump beheading video is vintage Kathy Griffin. She says and does over-the-top shit that not many other female comedians will say just so she can generate shock value and captivate people’s attention. And the majority of it just isn’t very funny. People like Kathy suck in general. She’s kind of like the class clown from high school that nobody liked so they try doing dumb shit like sending in fake bomb threats just so they can get people to laugh. But there’s a problem with that. People don’t think bomb threats are very funny. People also don’t think things like mimicking the beheading of the President of the United States is very funny, either. Even if it happens to be fake.

And now for Kathy to go on a presser and cry about how she has it tough as a female comedian and that her career is likely over is PREPOSTEROUS. Yeah, no shit your career is over, Kathy! You can’t play the victim card here when you’re out there pretending to kill the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES on video. Just like 99% of your other material, that just doesn’t play. I don’t care what political views you have, when you joke around with the death of the most powerful man on the planet, you’re going to get pretty severe backlash.

P.S. – Of all people to chime on the situation, I think Perez Hilton puts it best. Like he says in the video below, Kathy Griffin knew exactly what she was doing.