So Bill Maher was interviewing Senator Ben Sasse, R-Neb., last night on his show when he decided to drop a casual N-bomb. Predictably, twitter lost its shit because, you know, Bill Maher and Ben Sasse happen to be two caucasian men.

A few things here before we get to the tweets:

Just like holding a fake bloody head that resembles the President of the United States, dropping the N-word in 2017 doesn’t really play, either. Especially if you happen to NOT be African American. Shocker, I know. Sure, maybe if this was the 1950s back before the Civil Rights days, saying dumb shit like this would’ve brought the house down. We happen to live in 2017, though. In today’s day and age, doing things like calling people fat on the internet can get you suspended from your job.

Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think it matters whether or not you’re a Republican or a Democrat to understand that saying a word that patronizes a group of people for the color of their skin is not a very a very nice thing to do. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAPPEN TO BE THE GUY SAYING IT, AND NOT THE GUEST SITTING THERE BEING INTERVIEWED BY YOU ON YOUR LIVE SHOW. Like what’s Ben Sasse supposed to do here? Should he stop Bill Maher on the spot and give him with a lecture about how using racial slurs are hurtful to people? Should he walk off set? Should scoff at him? Give me a fucking break. 99% of people would’ve done the same exact thing if this happened to them on the spot on a live tv show.

Look, I’m not trying to get into an argument over who’s the bigger shithead in this situation like people are trying to do on twitter right now. All I’m trying to say is that Ben Sasse shouldn’t be taking shit for this just because of the political party he represents. I’m pretty sure it’s equally offensive to drop an N-bomb regardless of what political party you identify with. These people suck and should stop tweeting: