I should’ve finished the title of this blog with “…and because Matt Murray is the GOAT,” but it’s more fun to talk about how garbage Pekka Rinne has been in this Stanley Cup Final instead. Let me put this as blunt as possible. If it wasn’t for Pekka Rinne shitting the bed in the first two games, there’s a high probability that this series is flipped-flopped 2-0 in Nashville’s favor right now. Other than Matt Murray playing out of his goddamn mind and the Pens having short surges of dominance, Nashville has basically done everything better than Pittsburgh for roughly 112 minutes over the first two games. The Penguins are getting outshot 64-39, out-chanced 44-30, and out hit them 78-66. Truly cringe-worthy stretches of hockey that have done nothing but increase my chances of visiting a proctologist at the age of 27. It’s been eerily similar to the Washington series except for the fact that Braden Holtby didn’t have a .778 save percentage after his first two games against the Penguins.

Now, do I think Pekka Rinne is going to continue to give up goals like these:

Probably not. But if history continues to play itself out in the future, the Preds are either gonna have to replace Rinne with Juuse Saros and pray that he plays anything like Marc Andre Fleury, OR they’ll will have to accept that they’re most likely going to get swept in embarrassing fashion.

Pick or choose your poison, Nashville.

UPDATE: It looks a whole lot like the Preds be going with Rinne as the starter tomorrow night even though they aren’t actually saying it. Dumbasses.