CBS Pittsburgh – Phil Kessel and Nick Bonino are no longer regular linemates for the Pittsburgh Penguins. But like all good teammates, they still look out for one another, even when they’re away from the ice.

Two-thirds of the “HBK Line” reunited on the side of a local road just hours before Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Final Sunday. Bonino needed a roadside rescue after his truck broke down.

“It was weird,” Bonino told reporters after the game. “All of a sudden the gas didn’t work and the power steering went out in the middle of the highway. I was able to get it to the side.”

Fortunately, Bonino could count on his teammate to get him to PPG Paints Arena.

“Great teammate Phil Kessel came and picked me up. I owe a lot to Phil tonight for being here, a great guy.”

Bonino had a pair of assists in the Penguins’ 7-0 victory over the Ottawa Senators Sunday. Kessel scored a power play goal and added an assist of his own.

The win puts the Penguins just one win away from a return trip to the Stanley Cup Final. Game 6 is Wednesday night in Ottawa.

The truck was taken to a local Ford dealership.

Is there a single human being on planet earth that doesn’t love Phil Kessel? Name one person. Go ahead, I’ll wait. You’re not going to find one.

We’ve all witnessed many sides of Phil Kessel lately, and they’re all lovely. There’s “Playoff Phil” where he goes from above average scorer in the regular season to Wayne Gretzky-level scorer in the postseason (18 points in 17 playoff games is pretty good I hear). There’s “Angry Phil” where he scores game-winning goals because he’s so pissed off at Malkin for dangling the puck all over the ice without passing to him like a buffoon. And now there’s “Great Guy Phil” – the type of Phil that picks you up on the side of the road when you’re truck just broke down, and you’re on your way to a VERY important hockey game.

“Great Guy Phil” seems like the best kind of Phil. We all need a friend in our lives that’s going to pick us up on the side of the road when we’re stranded. Just knowing Phil Kessel is that type of friend makes me love him even more (even if he doesn’t have a complete and utter clue that I exist).