Well, well, well, we’re heading back to the Burgh all nodded up at 2. Everyone can politely get off of Mike Sullivan’s back now because Matt Murray and company got the job done, and now the Pens are only two wins away from another dance with Lord Stanley. Besides Murray looking rock solid after not playing a full game in almost six weeks, it was nice that the offense decided to score more than one goal for a change in this series. Pretty solid way to win games, imo.

Thankfully, the depleted Penguins will be returning to the Paint Can for Game 5 in front of Yinzer Nation. I’d like to think the Sens will be without the services of Bobby Ryan for Sunday’s game. But the NHL’s gonna NHL, and they’ll somehow try to explain to everyone that because Chad Ruhwedel was leaning over it was totally acceptable for Bobby Ryan to vicisouly elbow him in the brain.

Chalk Ruhwedel up to casualty #512 this postseason. This team just will not die, though.

Pens in 6.