The photo cred goes to Colin Dunlap of 93.7 The Fan for spotting this gem. Dunlap quickly deleted the tweet, but you know what they say about the laws of Twitter – once someone tweets something controversial of sorts, you immediately screen shot that shit in case that person eventually deletes the tweet. That way it lives on in internet history for eternity. Thankfully, your boy was quick to the chase on this one even with that whole twitter not working thing going on this morning. #ThanksPeep

I get that there’s a theme going on with the Penguins and their goalies’ last names ending the same way, but I’m not sure how someone screws this up. One guy led his team to a Stanley Cup last summer while the other has literally only played one game ever in the NHL. On top of that, Murray’s got the classic triangle pizza face going on. Just a classic fuck up that the world gets to see for free now. Sorry, Post-Gazette.

UPDATE: Colin Dunlap didn’t delete the tweet. Twitter just stinks this morning. And so do I, tbh.