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My work here is done….. @kendalljenner

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Kudos to Khloe here for providing all of us with a gem that will now live on in internet history. Without your sibling being an asshole, this isn’t possible. And let me digress a second. If this was my sister falling off of a bicycle, I’d 1,000% post this on social media as well. Team Khloe all the way here.

In my opinion, there’s nothing funnier than watching somebody fall off of a bicycle (as long as they don’t get hurt, sort of). In fact, watching people flip over bicycle handlebars has been one of my favorite YouTube binge-sessions ever since YouTube came out in 2007. I have to admit that Kendall’s bike spill let me down a little, but it wasn’t terrible, either. Sure, I was hoping to maybe see her flip over the handlebars, but it’s also pretty funny to watch a “girly” girl who’s clearly never rode a bike in her life try and stop without using the breaks.

Normal people that weren’t rich and famous at 10 that know how to ride a bicycle – 1

Kendall Jenner – 0