Look out, NL Central. After losing a half dozen consecutive games, the last-place Battlin’ Bucs are now the owners of a good ol’ fashioned winning streak!

Yesterday, the Bucs eked out their second consecutive win over the Diamonbacks in Arizona. They did their very best to try and lose this one when relief pitcher Wade LeBlanc walked a pinch hitter with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 8th to tie the game at 4. But thanks to an absolute bomb off of the bat of Jose Osuna in the top of the 10th, we’re raising that shit (the jolly roger, I mean) back to back days.

Pretty sure that ball still hasn’t landed, by the way.

I know I haven’t blogged much about the Buccos lately, so I wanted to let you know why. For starters, in case you’re an oblivious person, the Penguins are on the verge of reclaiming Lord Stanley again for the second consecutive year. No hockey team has done that in like two decades. It’s sort of a big deal. Second off, the Pirates flat-out stink this year. If you think I’m going to sit there and watch the Buccos shit it up on a Saturday night while the Pens are playing in the Eastern Conference Finals, you’re crazy. I’m basically only watching Pirate games when the Pens aren’t playing for the time being, and that’s barely tolerable as it is.

Going back to why the Pirates aren’t very good, let’s take a look at where they suck (which is basically everywhere). As a team, the Pirates currently rank 25th or below in all major offensive stats including runs (138), batting average (.224), on base percentage (.304), and slugging percentage (.366). On top of that, none of their regulars own a batting average above .300. Sad. I guess you can say it’s safe to say Andrew McCutchen will soon be playing for another team as long as there’s another team dumb enough to trade something of value for him.

As for pitching, other than Ivan Nova (3-3, 2.48 ERA) and Gerrit Cole (1-4, 3.06 ERA), the starters aren’t very good. With Jameson Taillon out on the disabled list for the indefinite future, that means the Pirates have to send either Chad Kuhl (1-3, 5.83 ERA), Tyler Glasnow (1-3, 7.98 ERA), or Trevor Williams (2-2, 6.41 ERA) out to the mound once every fifth day. Less than ideal, if you ask me. Doesn’t matter if you have a half decent bullpen (which they are) if you’re starters can’t make it through the fifth inning 60% of the time. Also, did I mention the run support stinks?

I’m not ready to write this team off completely, but I’m also not saying I’m looking forward to covering a shitty baseball team the rest of the year, either. Let’s get some more BUCN wins for cryin’ aht lahd!