Just an unbelievable night. Everyone in the world was writing this team off less than four hours ago. Now we’re dancing on the Capitals’ grave again, and the world feels like it has restored to normalcy.

And what else can you say about Marc Andre Fleury? Can we give this guy the Conn Smythe trophy now, or do we have to wait? Just an unreal performance my MAF tonight. 29 shots. 29 saves. Not a bad day time to play your best game of the postseason when it also happens to be the biggest game of your postseason. I’m pretty sure this image will burn in Ovechkin’s brain for eternity after Fleury robbed him with his stick shaft:

People will be talking about this series 10 years down the road about how bad the Caps dominated the Pens. And you know what, the Penguins did get dominated for the most part. However, you don’t always need to be the best team to win a playoff series. And the Penguins proved that this series. Sometimes you just have a number on another team, and there’s not a real good explanation why. Sure, Fleury played out of his mind, but you can’t discount the fact that the Penguins stepped up and played their best game of the postseason in a time they really needed to do so. From top to bottom, the Penguins were absolutely solid tonight. And thanks to goals by Mr. Game 7, Justin Williams Bryan Rust, and Patric Hornqvist, we now have a dance set for Saturday against the Senators at the Paint Can.

Sucks to suck, Capitals. There’s always #NextYear