Well, I can’t say this is surprising. The Penguins aren’t going to be happy about this, but that’s the way things go with the NHL’s Department of Player Safety. They obviously didn’t find this vicious cross-check to the head to be premeditated. But as I mentioned last night, that still doesn’t mean Niskanen shied away from making contact with Crosby, either. This is a very unfortunate incident considering it involves the best player in the world, but if the NHL is going to continue to lay this type of standard, good luck trying to protect your star players. Or, you know, the ones that generate revenue for your league. Until then, the NHL will continue to be a garage league unless people start getting their heads out of their asses in the league office.

P.S. – If this is Ovi, fans in D.C. are losing their minds right now just like us. Kindly GFY if you’re among the agreement that this was a “hockey play.”

P.P.S. – Pens are still going to win this series. Geno will play like he’s on coke for the rest of the series if Sid remains out.