Alright, so the Penguins lost game 3, but the big story of the night was Sidney Crosby. Unless you’ve been MIA for the past four hours, early in the 1st, Sid took this vicious cross-check to the head by scumbag Matt Niskanen:

Intentional? Probably not. Careless? 1,000%. Niskanen isn’t putting his stick up to protect himself from Crosby barreling into him. He’s putting his stick up to give Sid a shot knowing full well he’s a defenseless target. Again, I can’t honestly say it was premeditated that Niskanen was looking to go for the headshot, but at the same token, he wasn’t shying away from contact. And I don’t give a fuck what Barry Trotz says, it’s not a “hockey play” when you take your stick and cross-check another player to the skull.

Get the fuck outta here with that bullshit, Humpty Dumpty.


It stinks right now not knowing whether or not Sid will be alright, but god damn it, is this team resilient or what? Not giving up when you’re down 2-0 to the best team (*in the regular season*) and having the uncertainty of Crosby’s health on their minds only proves how much fight this group has. If Kessel’s scores there in OT, I’m pretty sure the paint can would’ve literally exploded. But the reality is, we’re still up 2-1, and we might potentially have a series now.

Let’s all pray for a speedy recovery by Sid, but in the worst case he’s out an extended period of time, I’m still very confident they’ll beat these fuckboys.

P.S. – Let’s have a quick trip down memory lane and remember that time Sid dragged Niskanan around like a ragdoll.