The Steelers selected wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster out of USC as their second round pick, 62nd overall, in the NFL Draft tonight. With many people questioning whether or not this means we’ve seen the end of the Martavis Bryant era in Pittsburgh, Bryant hopped on twitter to make it painfully clear he’s not going anywhere in this since deleted tweet:

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 11.31.15 PM.png

A mere three minutes later, Sammy Coates responded:

Annnddddd Mike Tomlin from the clouds:

I can’t say this is how you want to see your second-best receiver who’s coming off a year-long suspension for smoking too much dank respond to a little criticism, but hey, we all know Sammy Coates can’t catch footballs like Martavis Bryant can. Sammy Coates stinks, and Martavis Bryant is merely stating a fact. Plain and simple.

P.S. – If Ike Taylor supports this 4.2 speed, I’m assuming so, too, do the Rooneys.