Alright, we get it, John Brenkus. Aaron Judge is like 7’9″, 300 lbs, and swings the bat harder than Mookie Betts. Truly groundbreaking stuff right there. Well, you know what? We don’t need all your fancy science to make us understand why Aaron Judge can hit a baseball to the goddamn moon and back. See, this is the part about Sport Science that I hate the most. John Brenkus takes a realistic feat like that gargantuan motherfucker Aaron Judge hitting a baseball 460 feet, and he strips it down to arbitrary scientific facts and analogies to make it seem so much cooler. Well, I ain’t impressed. You show me a major league hitter that can’t rip the tits off of an Antonio Bastardo meatball and send it into the bleachers, and I’ll rest my case. Otherwise, just give me the facts on how hard we need to punch Glenn Beck in the face so I don’t have to see him on my TV screen anymore. Thanks.