The fuck outta here with that bullshit. I’m not even going to quote this article because it’s a steaming pile of clickbait from CSN Mid-Atlantic. But to be honest, I sort of feel bad (not really, though) for Capitals fans. Capitals fans are like a group of deranged individuals that seem stuck somewhere between staunch arrogance and humiliation from years of watching their team win Presidents’ Trophies before ultimately getting bounced out by the second round of the playoffs. So for this J.J. Regan guy to have this type of confidence in a team that annually breaks his heart is utterly mind-blowing and hilarious at the same time.

I’m not saying the Capitals are going to lose this series to the Maple Leafs (although I sort of really think the Caps are going to win it), but at least have some humility here, J.J. It’s not like the Capitals have looked like world beaters in the first round. Shit, the series is tied 2-2, and every single game has been decided by one goal (three of which went to OT). So don’t start prancing around on your delusional high horse acting like this first round’s a layup. Because it’s not. If anyone can agree about that right now, ask a Blackhawks fan.

Also, I love the fact that the Penguins are on everyone’s brains right now in D.C. They probably watched this Sidney Crosby highlight from last night and pissed their pants a little.