Huffington Post – New York Attorney General and apparent “Seinfeld” fan Eric Schneiderman announced the indictment of an alleged fraudulent architect named Newman on Thursday, following an investigation titled “Operation Vandelay Industries.”

Paul J. Newman, President of Cohesion Studios, Inc., is accused pretending to be a registered architect, collecting nearly $200,000 for rendering fraudulent services since 2010, Schneiderman’s office said in a statement.

Schneiderman tweeted news of the indictment, complete with related “Seinfeld” GIF. 

The aptly-named investigation found that Newman’s firm was contracted to provide architectural renderings and services for townhouses, a multi-story senior living community, and multifamily apartment complex, among several others.

“By allegedly falsifying building plans, code compliance inspections, and field reports, the defendant jeopardized the safety of those who resided in and frequented the buildings he was contracted to work on,” Schneiderman said in the statement. “Deceptive actions like these erode public trust — and my office will not tolerate them.”

While Newman from “Seinfeld” wasn’t exactly an angel, it was actually George Costanza who repeatedly lied about being an architect.

If this isn’t the best real-life Seinfeld moment of all-time, I don’t know what is. Literally, a guy by the name of Newman going around New York City scamming the fuck out of people with fake architect services. Love everything about this story. If anyone should be indicted here, it should be the gullible assholes who fell for this guy’s scam. Like any real die-hard Seinfeld fan can attest, you NEVER trust anyone named Newman. That leads me to point number two: I don’t think I can trust anyone that isn’t a Seinfeld fan. Do these people also not like puppies, blue skies, and apple pie? Look, I’m cool with this Attorney General having a sense of humor about the situation, but fuck these people. If you’re too dumb to realize you’re getting scammed by a guy named Newman for “architect services” you deserve to lose all the money you have.