Well, it’s safe to say the 2017 season is officially over. Like they always say, it’s never a good thing when you’re only two weeks into the season and the best player on your team gets busted for PEDs.

No idea what happens with the outfield now. Do the Pirates move Andrew McCutchen and his dog turd defense back to center? Or maybe it’s Gregory Polanco that gets the nod? All I know is that this team is fucked, and it’s not even May yet. Adam Frazier will be the likely outfield replacement, but it wouldn’t be all too surprising to see Austin Meadows make his big league debut sooner or later this season.

I’ll be the first one to admit it if I’m wrong here, but there’s no way you replace a guy for 80 games that owns a career .344 OBP and two-career gold gloves. Guys like Marte aren’t a dime a dozen.

P.S. – The part in Frank Coonelly’s statement where he says the Pirates will continue to fight for the division title while Marte is out of the lineup is LOL funny. Everyone knows this team didn’t have a chance to contend with the Cubs even before Marte got popped. Get a grip, Frank.