I may be a sick son of a bitch, but the looks on these peoples’ faces has to be one of my absolute favorite parts about overtime playoff hockey. Just the look of a fanbase that knows their team’s season is about to end in the next 48 hours.

Of all the faces, these two guys have to be my absolute favorites.


Guy on the left looks like his dog just died, while guy on the right may or may not have just shit himself.

Honorable mention to this chick, though, for playing the classic “I don’t know much about hockey, but my husband will surely be disappointed about this when we get into the car.”


Stunned city aside, the Penguins probably played their worst game tonight, yet they still came out with the W. That’s what championship-caliber teams do. Not every night are you going to be playing your best so you just have to come up with the big plays when you need them. And the Penguins did exactly that tonight.

Quick Recap

Per usual, the Pens came out flat as dogshit in the 1st period. However, this time the Blue Jackets made them pay. Before you could even blink an eye, it was 3-1 Blue Jackets 6:10 into the game. And contrary to popular opinion, the Blue Jackets actually do have fans. And those fans were going absolutely bananas.

The Pens were far too experienced to get caught up in that type of environment, though. Sticking with the theme of the series, the 2nd period was all Pens. The Pens outshot the Blue Jackets 19-8 in the 2nd and responded with two goals by Rust and Guentzel to tie the game up at 3. In the mix of it all, Zach Werenski got his face absolutely demolished by a Phil Kessel wrist shot.

The 3rd period was basically a draw. The Pens and Blue Jackets each traded goals, and it was on to OT for the first time in this series.

OT was basically all Pens except for one very crucial moment a few minutes into play. With Columbus crashing on a 3-on-2, Brandon Dubinsky picked up a loose rebound and fired the puck directly towards open space at the top of the net. The Blue Jackets were ready to shoot off their dumb ass cannon balls until MAF came up with the save of the series.

A few minutes later, Sid found Guentzel from behind the Columbus net for the OT winner.

A few final thoughts:

  • What other player in the NHL stays on the puck for like 30 seconds there behind the net like Sid?
  • Jake Guentzel is playing out of his mind right now. The 22-year old recorded a hat-trick in his 3rd career playoff game. I realize he benefits a lot from playing alongside Sid, but these numbers are pretty mind-boggling:

  • A sweep on Tuesday would do wonders for the Penguins as far a health standpoint goes for Round 2. As long as the Caps and Leafs continue beating the shit out of each other and going to OT every game, you have to imagine the Penguins have the advantage going into the next series regardless of which team they end up playing.
  • McLovin (aka Zach Werenski) is hockey tough. Takes some nads to go back into the game after it looks like you just got rocked by Mike Tyson.

  • Getcha broomsticks ready