Today, I found myself deep in the middle of a YouTube time warp when a related video from three years ago entitled “RA DICKEY UMPIRE VIEW KNUCKLEBALLS” flashed across my eyeballs. There was absolutely no way I was passing up this gem. We all know how comical it looks on TV to watch a knuckleballer absolutely on his game. There can be pitches that literally look they’re about to bean a batter right in the head, then all of a sudden the ball drops right over the plate, and the batter’s half way out of the box. It’s fantastic. If you don’t get a kick out of watching a major league batter make a complete ass out of himself over a 70 mph knuckleball, then you’ve got a big dump in your pants.

With that said, after watching this video, I can TOTALLY understand now why batters make total fools out of themselves against guys like R.A. Dickey when he’s on the top of his game. Hell, I can even understand now why the Red Sox had to trade back for Doug Mirabelli in 2006 so he could continue being Tim Wakefield’s designated catcher. Being able to do something like that with a baseball while having just the slightest bit of control is unfair.