Another year. Another piece of personal hardware for Sidney Crosby’s trophy room. Yawn.

Sidney Crosby could literally care less about personal accolades, but don’t get me wrong, it’s always fantastic when the “World’s Best Player” beats the “World’s Best Goal-Scorer” at his own game. As if the two Stanley Cups, the two Olympic Golds, and the career 1.3 PPG aren’t enough evidence to prove why Sidney Crosby is a better hockey player than Alex Ovechkin, he’s now rubbing it in his face with his goal-scoring ability (for the second time in his career, mind you).


The emphasis of this blog isn’t entirely based on bashing Ovi (mainly because it’s too easy and played out at this point), but one could make the argument he’s not even the best Russian hockey player in the world anymore. Nikita Kucherov has been quietly lighting it up in Tampa over the last few years, and you still have Geno scoring the same amount of goals (and more points!) in 20 fewer games played this season. Perhaps we’re witnessing the inevitable decline of the silver fox in front of our very eyes at the spry age of 31?

Back to Sid. Love him or hate him, Sid’s been playing out of his mind since last January when everyone started to write him off after he only scored 31 points in his first 38 games of the 2015-2016 season. Since then, he’s helped the Penguins lift another Stanley Cup, he’s helped Team Canada win the championship in the World Cup of Hockey, and he’s been an absolute human highlight reel in the process. I realize that Connor McDavid will soon be entering the conversation of world’s best hockey player, but McDavid’s gonna have to prove to everyone that this year wasn’t just a fluke. He’s gonna need to put up 100 points in more than one season AND win a Stanley Cup or two. Until then, there’s only enough room for one man at the top of the totem pole. And that’s the dick spearer himself, Sidney Crosby.

Now, sit back, relax, maybe crack open an ice cold I.C. Light, and check out all 44 of the GOAT’s goals from this past regular season.