Is there any more painful way to lose in sports than not letting your opponent have the lead until the final play of the game? If I’m an Atlanta sports fan right now, I’m going to therapy tomorrow because I’ve just experienced the same type of trauma for the second time in the past two months (albeit this game didn’t really mean shit). I know it’s the first week of the season and there are 154 more games and blah, blah, blah, but this is the end for the 2017 Braves. Starling Marte just put a dagger in their soul.

And I know I said this in my season preview, but is there any other player in baseball that’s more underrated than Starling Marte right now? We all know the guy’s an absolute stud in the outfield, but how many players do you know that can bunt for singles then also hit a bomb when you need one?

A much deserved bubble gum shower if you ask me.

All in all, a pretty impressive day at the plate for Marte caps off a relatively good first week for your 2017 Buccos. Yeah, there was that whole deal where they didn’t get a single guy on second base Wednesday night versus the Red Sox, but it’s nice to see the Bucs get the sweep over a bad team like the Braves. Up next, the (somehow) 1st place Reds come to town tomorrow night to begin a 3-game series. Surprisingly, after only one week of baseball, the Cubs still haven’t clinched the NL Central just yet. There’s still hope!

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