Normally, I’m pretty excited any time the Penguins clinch home-ice advantage in the playoffs, regardless of what round it’s for. To be honest, though, the Penguins could’ve came in 3rd place in the Metro this year for all I care as long as Columbus was the team that came in 2nd.

The only real difference between the Penguins and Blue Jackets playing in Pittsburgh and Columbus is the fact that the goal horn doesn’t come on every time the Penguins score at Nationwide Arena. Other than that, it’s basically 99% Yinzers mixed with like 17 Blue Jackets fans. The Penguins didn’t just earn home-ice advantage for games 1, 2, 5*, and 7* of Round 1. They also earned it for games 3, 4, and 6* as well.

Note: The * signifies games that aren’t necessary because the Penguins will have already swept the Blue Jackets in four games.

UPDATE:  Upon some sophisticated investigative research (i.e. Google Images), it has been determined that Columbus Blue Jackets fans do exist after all.