Okay, so he hasn’t gotten his first hit yet this year, but it’s safe to say Boston already wins this game tonight if it isn’t for the defense of Andrew McCutchen. And that’s pretty damn strange to say.

Over the past few years, we’ve watched McCutchen’s defense regress to the point where it almost seems like he doesn’t care out there anymore (hence the move to right field). He rarely chases down fly balls, and he routinely lobs one-hoppers to cut off men like they’re standing a mile away.

Not tonight, though! Just another casual night for your new right fielder that’s pissed off because, you know, he got demoted to right field. Throw a guy out at home one inning, rob a home run the next. I’m not sure if this is going to be the new Andrew McCutchen, but if so, I don’t mind it all.

P.S. – The way this game is going tonight, if the Pirates run out of pitchers it wouldn’t hurt if Hurdle tells Cutch he sucks at pitching, too, then hands him the ball.