If there were ever a time for a big statement win, the Penguins did just that tonight. With it being the final home game of the year and home-ice advantage on the line, the Pens kicked the shit out of the Blue Jackets tonight. Nothing quite sends a message like obliterating the team you’ll be facing in the playoffs in about eight days, at the same location, and with six of your starters out of the lineup.

And I have to be honest, if you would’ve asked me about 12 hours ago what I thought about the Pens facing off against the Blue Jackets in the first round, my butthole would’ve been a little bit tighter than it is right now. I think this whole playoff system where the best teams in each division square off against each other by round 2 of the playoffs is horseshit, but that’s the reality of the NHL right now (if people aren’t watching, it’s time to set up more rivalry nights!). But after tonight, I think we can all disregard the bs of playoff semantics a little bit.

If you’re a Columbus Blue Jackets fan (if they even do exist), you can’t be happy about the fact that you just gave up home-ice to the Penguins in embarrassing fashion. A team doesn’t win 31 home games during the regular season by accident. And you can also bet your ass that Pittsburgh fans will be turning Nationwide Arena into PPG Paints West when the Pens hit the road. I’m not saying round 1’s gonna be a gimme by any means, but the outlook just got a hell of lot rosier.

P.S.- If there was ever a GIF that explained the state of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Columbus Blue Jackets rivalry right now, it’s this.

Just a LOL funny shove by Sid after Boone Jenner gets ragdolled trying to make a run at him.

P.P.S. – Fact: Malkin is the greatest autograph signer of all-time.