Welcome to week 10 of #TweetsOfTheWeek! As always, enjoy this week’s showcase of some of the most entertaining tweets from the Twitterverse! And remember, if you find anything worthy to be included for upcoming installments of #TweetsOfTheWeek, send tips to us via the Contact page OR tweet us at @PeepsBurgh.

P.S. – I was going to make this a special April Fool’s Day edition of #TweetsOfTheWeek, but there were a few tweets from earlier in the the week that couldn’t be left out. I also got lazy.

Here we go:

LeBron has became the man he is because coaches never “sugar coded” nothing. Can’t imagine what this guy’s mentions looked like after this.

At least Artie Lange hasn’t lost his sense of humor ever since falling off the wagon. Again.

Guy sculpts an accurate statue and everyone goes insane. Sad!

Glorious observation. Guys like Bruce will always hook you up with two pieces, FYI.

Life isn’t fair. Trudeau’s got the looks, the power, and a sense of humor.

Meanwhile, our leader isn’t buying into the April Fool’s Day spirit.

The ironic part is this would probably be a good idea for our country.

So this April Fool’s Day joke isn’t that good, but you just know there’s some yinzer in his 50s out there that lost his mind this morning.

That moment when you’re hoping this is an April Fool’s joke so you don’t have to check your team’s Twitter page announcing his signing.

Ken Jennings coming in hot!